On your mark…

I like to read. A lot. It’s by far one of my top things to do.  If I find myself doing another media driven activity (namely television or video games) for an extended amount of time, I will eventually feel guilty/ sad about not reading. It feels as though I am cheating on my books. If the story is engaging enough, I never want the book to end. I guess that’s why I gravitate towards really, really long books or books with series. Most times when a book comes to an end, I feel as though I have lost a friend.

Thanks to all of  you for the kind words of encouragement. I am truly humbled.

I don’t think the realization of my eminent departure has hit me fully. Actually I know it hasn’t. Not that when it does I will have second thoughts or change my mind. But I think the excitement of the endeavor supersedes any emotional sadness that one would normally feel when changing environments and leaving loved ones. Georgia is all I think about; everyday, all the time. Learning the language, reading blogs of past and current volunteers, reading about the culture, and thinking about what I will take with me. All of that overshadows the annual emotional time in my life, the ending of a school year. Saying goodbye and wishing my seniors well is now rolled into saying goodbye to ALL of my students and co-workers. I feel awkward in trying to convey the due diligence of a farewell, because the mere mention of the word Georgia in the conversation, changes my mood and the sentiment of the moment is no longer reciprocated. (I know it will be later, but the moment can not be recreated.)  So these last few days of officially being a teacher here at Robinson and in America are very surreal. I know that somewhere deep down, the impact of leaving all that I know and love dearly is affecting me.  I just hope I will have the opportunity to express it accurately to the people I care about most, before its too late.

I’m not a fan of endings, endings of any kind. Thus far this book of my life has been a really good one. But it’s rapidly coming to an end. Uncharacteristically, I’m OK with it. Maybe it’s the comfort and anticipation of having the next book tucked away…ready to start.

(Oh, before we continue)


As previously mentioned, the primary reason I set this blog up is to help document my time in Georgia and beyond. Or in other words, it’s a personal document for me and about me (hmm…that sounded narcissistic). The secondary reason is to share this time with those who care about what I’m up to or are simply curious about my interactions with other cultures.

I’m normally a VERY private person in regard to what people know about me.  My life thus far has been purposefully VERY segmented and compartmentalized. Well, that’s about to abruptly change despite my internal cringing. Everyone from all facets of my life will have access to this blog.  So, I feel its important to preface some things. For example, I am a profane person (not sailor-esque profane, well… only if I’ve been drinking… a lot). I say this now, because there will be things that are mentioned, done or phrases used that some of you will think out of character or disjointed from what you ‘know’ me to be. That being said, please don’t take it as an opportunity to correct the “error of my ways” with a response. Thank you.  Now, back to the  regularly scheduled program!

“From dry land, he rolled…over to wet sand
Closed the hatch up with one hand
And pedaled off alone
Cause when you’re done with this world
You know the next is up to you”

Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, Jan. 1967, John Mayer


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