…Get Set…

I haven’t been able to sleep for the last couple of nights. I am emotionally ready to go. But lots of other things are still very much up in the air. Knots and bows need to be tied in terms of streamlining finances, minimalizing my life, reconciling goals unrealized, and attempting closure with the people and places I love.  Sometimes my heart races due to the illusion of ‘no more time’ to do all of these things. That’ll keep you up at nights, believe you me.

So I want to express in this post some of the things that I will miss. These are in no particular order and I’m sure so many things that I leave off this post will become painfully acute six months from now.

Erti – ერთი.  I will miss cicadas sounding off in the near and far of a southern hot summer night.

Ori – ორი. I will miss my student council. That organization is so much more than what those looking in from the outside will ever know or be able to fully appreciate.  They are my family- nuclear and extended. I have the best memories and created wonderful events with them over a 14 year period.  Some of them have become my best friends. And I never use those words lightly.  That organization has given me infinitely more than I could have ever given to it.

Closely tied to that is the magical summer workshop known as Mars Hill.  Everyone needs an oasis; a break from the norm.  Mars Hill is a student council workshop held every year at Mars Hill College.  Ironically, although there is no air conditioning in the tiny dorm rooms, and there are insane hills to walk EVERYWHERE, I simply love the third week of July.

Mars Hill College, North Carolina

Now one can’t simply travel to Mars Hill College any random time and have the experience I’m talking about.  Its more about the people, events, purpose,  and tradition. Similar to a place near and dear to a group of very important people in my life in Quaker Lake, PA.  A simple excursion to that beloved lake will never yield the same results equal to going with the appropriate people at the appropriate times.

Sami – სამი.  There is a pizzeria nestled in the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge. I love pizza. It’s one of my top favorite foods to eat. Actually I could eat it everyday. So when I say that Grimaldi’s is the best pizza I have EVER eaten, I don’t say that flippantly. They don’t serve by slice (or didn’t when I was living there). If you ever go, don’t be dissuaded by the no reservation policy or the long line you will undoubtedly wait in to be seated. Hands down the best pizza I have ever had.  I have read that there is pizza available in Georgia. But it’s not the same. (Now, I know NYC isn’t even near where I currently live, but delicious it delicious. And it will only be THAT much further.)

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, Brooklyn, NYC

Otkhi – ოთხი. I will miss my friends and loved ones. A lot. I’m not gonna start naming names. A close friend taught me a valuable lesson years ago. Don’t publically ‘rank’ people, because a) feelings will get hurt and b) you might inadvertently forget someone…. and feelings will get hurt.  But I will miss the easiness of the relationships and the slow deliberate growth of creating memories with my people who have come to know me, although difficult to ‘know’, and love and don’t mind being around me when simply being me.

Khuti – ხუთი. I will miss, I think, technological gadgets. It gives me pause to have to think about going to the back of the line in knowledge and access to the latest in phone, computer and digital technology. But with that being said, there is something to be gained by living without it…. I hope.

Ekvsi – ექვსი.  I have a flower that I tend to. I’m by no means a professional botanist nor is it a hobby of mine. One could say that the flower chose me. I’ve done my damnest to keep it alive and safe. It has blossomed through the hardest and most insane situations. I will miss continuing to see it’s growth process. But I’ll check in with her from time to time.

And lastly (don’t know the Georgian for ‘lastly’ yet) a note on something I won’t miss, grading papers. OY VEY! I could go on and on about the bane of my existence as a teacher. I HATED grading papers. But now knowing I won’t have to do that again… the air smells sweeter, the birds sound clearer and the sun shines a little brighter… and was that an angel I just heard singing?

Who needs sleep, anyway?

“But you’re gonna miss this
You’re gonna want this back
You’re gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast
These are some good times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now
But you’re gonna miss this

You’re Gonna Miss This, Trace Atkins


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