And That’s How I Met Your Mother

When not devouring episodes of ‘How I Met Your Mother’, hanging out with friends, or sleeping, I am ferociously reading about Georgia.  To be more specific, Georgian blogs that others who have traveled there before me have written.  They are so helpful with gaining a wealth of information and perspective in preparing me for the trip.

One of the most invaluable things I have learned thus far to help with my pre-departure planning has to do with the program, TLG, itself. Whether because of cultural differences or “importance on my part doesn’t equal urgency on their part”, from what I read they do things at a different pace than we do. Which is cool, whatever, no big deal. Which brings me to the point of this particular post.

I was originally supposed to report to Georgia on July 30th, 2012 (as referenced by the countdown in the bottom right corner of this blog). But the other day my representative informed me that that date has been pushed back a smidge. The new departure date is (between) August 10th– 15th.  And so it goes.

More time for us! Suit Up!

In a totally unrelated notes:

Just got back from an EPIC trip to NYC.  Best time ever. I undervalue time and time again what my friends mean to me. But fortunately on this trip, they really made things evident and made the time memorable and loving.

Brooklyn Bridge

While there, I HAD to stop by the greatest pizzeria ever, Grimaldi’s.  I was slightly confused when I arrived because it isn’t in the same location. They actually moved to a new location a few lots away from the river. I’m not gonna lie, it threw me off for a second, and I was a little skeptical. New building…. new oven….. this can NOT be a good thing. But never fear.  All was as I remembered; edible awesomeness.  Thanks Grimaldi’s!

“Brooklyn Brooklyn take me in
Are you aware the shape I’m in
My hands they shake my head it spins
Brooklyn Brooklyn take me in”

I and Love and You, Avett Bros.