#43- Represent!

After returning from touring Istanbul, we met another portion of our group at the airport gate to Tbilisi. It felt like meeting long lost family members. We all chatted and got to know one another. The reasons for people joining the program are wide and varied. Some are using this as a travel experience; others are coming from other countries where they taught English. Some are simply passing time in their lives (a little concerned about that, but we’ll see).

Finally we arrived in Georgia in the wee hours of the morning. Lugging all of our bags out of baggage claim through the cluster of families and transport services waiting for the arrival of their perspective travelers, I saw my first TLG representative (I’ll insert her name here once I learn to spell it correctly). Instantly upon seeing her, we shared the biggest most welcoming smiles!

We exchanged money, then waited on the other members of the program to arrive, then off we went to the Hotel were we will stay the week for orientation. When I finally settled in the room (sharing with a fellow from England) showered and lay on the bed to breathe, the dawn was coming through the window. And so it begins.

We are the forty-third group to be oriented into the Teach and Learn with Georgia Program. Because of the combining of the two departure dates of July 30th and August 15th, we are one of the largest to arrive in a while. We are the excited and proud #43.

I wonder sometimes about the outcome of a still verdict less life
Am I living it right?
Why, Georgia, why?

Why Georgia, John Mayer



One response to “#43- Represent!

  1. Glad you made it safe and sound Mr. J! I am excited for you and what is to come, I love and miss you!

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