La Royale with Cheese

During orientation, we are staying at a Hotel called the Bazaleti Palace.

Bazaleti Palace

It’s a great transition to Georgian living.  The amenities are western enough to make things comfortable and not distract us from learning about each other, the culture and the task at hand.  As said before we share a room with another volunteer. The rooms themselves are air conditioned with western styled toilets. The main parts of the hotel are not air conditioned. The food is pretty descent. I think they are trying to serve a western style cuisine.  It”s not quite the same, but a for effort!  For example, the serve pasta for breakfast; didn’t see that one coming.

Today was the first day of orientation. It was weird to see all of us there together in one room.  i didn’t think there were that many people staying at the hotel. Learned several new things that previous research did not cover.  First, all of us will only be teaching first thru sixth grades. I wouldn’t have minded teaching high schoolers as thats my background.  But this experience will now take on a fun spin.

Although we will go to our host families starting at the end of orientation, we won’t start teaching until mid September. That’s a new twist. But we are fine with it. So besides getting to know our host families and villages, we plan on meeting together and going traveling.

We received phones today!!!!!! The old school Nokia’s. If you don’t remember, I’ll post pics soon. We get to call others in the program for free.  And we can receive international calls without charge to our account, too. So I expect some phone calls people! Email me if you want it.

I’m starting to post pictures that can be accessed on the menu bar on the right margin of this blog.

Several events that were mentioned today during orientation today inspired me to post this video from my favorite movie, Pulp Fiction.

La Royale with Cheese


3 responses to “La Royale with Cheese

  1. Pasta for breakfast! My kids’ dream. If they serve hot dogs tomorrow, I’ll send Hannah right over. Good luck with those little guys- how nerve wracking. At least you will have some time to prepare/think about that!

  2. Have you got to experience the ‘turkish toilets’ yet? hopefully, you won’t have to! For breakfast in china, the hotels had a salad bar, noodles and all sorts of what we think of as “dinner food”! that definitely takes getting used to! i had 5th and 6th graders in china and had never taught that age before but i really loved working with them – they are soooo eager and excited. you’ll love the little ones- i know it 😉 keep posting – love it!!

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