Lost in Translation

These last few days have been very busy and have gone by very quickly. A LOT has happened. I’m going to continue with the short posts, so several are going to be posted in quick succession tonight and tomorrow.

We got our host home assignments today. The excitement in the room was palpable.  I will be living in the region of Guria. It is in the western part of Georgia, close to the Black Sea. I will be living in a town called, Ozurgeti (easy to find on Google Earth). I will be living with a Grand mom and dad, a mother and father, and three children; two boys 17 and 12 and a girl, 4 years old. They disclosed that they will have indoor bathroom and toilet and the internet.

So I have a pretty sweet set up. Kind of everything I wanted.  Actually everything I wanted.

  1. Not a city or village.
  2. Western toilet and access to Internet.
  3. High School aged child.

As I read the paper, I instantly fell in love with my family.

And things got that much more real for us.

Coming back from a night on the town in Tbilisi,we were standing on the subway, and a man gestured for me to come closer to him. I went over and sat by him, and it became obvious quickly that he was drunk. I tried really, really hard to understand him, but failed spectacularly. I got up to move away, he followed and continued to speak to me and smile. He even asked my to play his drum, a snare drum, I think. As he was talking to me and me not getting anything from his diatribe, I thought how similar this was to the scene in Lost Translation with Bill Murray. Enjoy…

Lost In Translation


Holla atcha boy!

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