Seventh Circle Of Hell

I failed to mention a comical part of Tbilisi that needs mentioning.

Tbilisi is a large city and therefore needs public transportation. They have a subway station also known as the Metro. We took this mode of transportation more frequently the more comfortable we became with the city. The metro is nothing of note; same ol’ same ol’ subway.  But the escalator descending down to it is a cruel joke of epic proportions.  I know subways have to be a certain amount of feet below street level, but I don’t know the exact engineering technology that goes into it.  So the reason that the escalator in Tbilisi vaguely gives an impression of descending into the seventh circle of hell is beyond me. Not in the sense of heat (like NYC) but of sheer depth. These escalators are nothing if not quick and the degree of slope will give your heart pause. You have to think twice before hopping on, “is this really safe for my health?” It goes down and down and down… and down.

Georgia, the little treasures of questions will never cease or cease to amaze me.

“Descending by a very rugged way into the seventh circle, where the

violent are punished, Dante and his leader find it guarded by the Minotaur;

whose fury being pacified by Virgil, they step downward from crag to crag;

till, drawing near the bottom…”

Cantos XII, Dante’s Inferno


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