An Unexpected Supra

Visiting Brooke zapped the energy out of me; a combination of the heat and the Tcha- Tcha. Knowing I would be meeting the girls early to take the train to Batumi, I planned to shower, relax, blog and get a good night’s sleep.  I should have gone straight to my room. But instead I hung out with the grandparents while they dehusked nuts. (Did I mention they sold nuts as a side income?)

When I saw the host dad, I reminded him that I was going to Batumi for a couple of days. He said to me, “Get dressed. We get drunk.’  Okay.

I thought it was going to be just him and me. But Nino, my host sister was dressed in an adorable white and pink dress. The mom came, too. Off we sauntered into the warm night air. We stopped to say hello to the neighbors who were out and the host dad, Levon, showed me town landmarks.

We went through this sketchy neighborhood and came up to this heavy mafia looking dude. He was standing in an unlit building entryway smoking a cigarette. Fortunately, this was the location and Levon knew the shady looking guy, or this post would have been titled something totally different. The mafia-esque man, hugged and kissed me like we were old friends, and even held my hand up the stairs all the way up to the front door of the apartment. Inside more introductions were made for me and it became clear we were celebrating the birthday of Levon’s godson. Another supra in the same day.

Again as before, the food was delicious. The people were overly gracious. Toast upon toast was made and Levon did an amazing job of translating. The baby was serenaded and loved on. Another plus for me was I made strides towards winning over Nino.

At this supra, the famed traditional ‘horn’ came out. After I took about two toasts with that, several shots and Lord knows how many never ending refills of my wine glass, I was lit. But again they were mindful of me and didn’t try to push me over the edge.

Somewhere in a toast to me, it was translated: “You have a very nice face.”  I’ll take it.

It was the best supra thus far!

I didn’t see the mom and Nino leave, but it was just Levon and I going home together We both were stuffed and tipsy. We were en route home when Levon approached and started talking to this random convenience store worker. After a couple of exchanges, we got into his car where there were two women. The thoughts that went through my head are probably the same thoughts you are thinking, ‘This has the potential to have a very shady end.’

But all was well, he was a neighbor, and Levon just didn’t want to walk all the way back home. So much for a restful evening. On to Batumi 2012!!!


One response to “An Unexpected Supra

  1. What does your host family do for a living, where do they work?
    And also can you take a picture so that we can put a face with the name?

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