Batumi 2012

So we decided to plan for a trip to Batumi for a friend’s B-day (and to see each other again). As most of us are on the west coast of Georgia, I think we were all excited to go see Batumi, a city on the Black Sea.

So we made the appropriate arrangements and travel plans and descended upon Batumi on a Monday morning. We found somewhere to stay, Batumi Globus Hostel, and made it our command post.

From there things become blurry.

I will transmit as memory comes back into focus.  In the meantime, enjoy some pictures!

Motion Sculpture, “Ali and Nino”. Batumi Beachfront.

Here’s a conversation with Hostel desk clerk:

Me: Uh… excuse me, but water isn’t working in our part of the hostel; the 18 bed room.

Chick at desk: Is the kitchen sink working?

Me: [Go to kitchen sink… not working. Return] No. It’s not working either.

Clerk: Oh. It’s raining. Water usually stops working when it rains.

Me: ….   Okay


Holla atcha boy!

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