The Shower-Revisited

So it turns out, I was not doing the shower wrong in Tunisia. (See ‘A Place To Hang My Towel’)

Levon showed me again how to use the bath and shower (as he didn’t know Lado showed me).  He just whipped the faucet on, transferred flow over to shower sprayer and right onto the floor! And in the Batumi hostel (posting about that soon), no tub to speak of. Water straight onto the floor!


And without further delay:




This cow was actually on the road in Brooke’s village, so it really doesn’t count. The best ones are seen while in a vehicle. But i’m nervous to just whip my camera out. I’ll figure something out.


4 responses to “The Shower-Revisited

  1. Instead of smart cow they are iCows – an homage to Mac world. These make me laugh everytime you post a pic.

    • Thanks, LD. But you just wait. The best ones occur when I don’t take my camera. I saw two cows running down the road actually passing a line of cars in a traffic jam. I’m going to get into the habit of ALWAYS having my camera with.

  2. Love the cows. Be careful! They look nice and calm, but I walked up to a stray cow in India and she got feisty. Chased me down the street. I think she had a calf nearby. Mommas — they don’t mess around.

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