Building Bridges

I have officially won over little, Nino.

I came down to hang out on the couch while the grandmother and grandfather watched news last night. Nino was cautious of me, as all 4 year olds are to strangers (especially ones who speak jibber-jabber and can’t understand what you are saying). While I was there, she was playing with some building blocks on table.  Slowly but surely, she started to respond to my overtures to play. Then she started bringing all of her toys over one by one; leaving the prized baby dolls for last, of course.

I responded in kind by bringing out my IPad and showing her the only game I have (not even downloaded by me) a bike racing game. Fun enough. She sympathized with how horrible I was in crashing every single time. What hooked her; however, was the drawing board. I showed her how the finger draws, how to change colors and how to erase. Done. I couldn’t get her off me. And then the camera option! Forgetaboutit.

Me and NIno

Today she even started talking to me. I have no idea what she is saying, but she is saying it with such earnestness. As another show of trust, she tried singing her ABC’s in English. (She rocked the A through G part and did serious work on the LMNOP part. everything else was, well… lets just say, cute). She helped me with hanging my clothes on the line. And wouldn’t let her middle brother play ball with us.

Mission accomplished.

They grow their own fruit here (I think I said that before). They said pick off anything you see anytime and you can have and eat. They have peaches that are sooo sweet and the grapes are so juicy they constantly stain my hands.

Lado was gone today, so I took the opportunity to get to know Niko better. He is a sweet spirit. The kind usually demonstrated by boys that age. I really want to work on his English. We played on the IPad and played some soccer and basketball (a tiny hoop screwed perpendicular to the concrete wall.)

Today was a great day of building bonds.

My real blood brother, Mario, asked to tell more about the family and post pictures of them. They are in the photo album in the right menu called “My New Home”. A picture of the dad is in another album, and I haven’t been able to capture the mom just yet.

The father is the executive or director at a local branch. He does very well financially I think. The mother is a stay at home mom. And the grandparents (grandfather) is retired. The grandfather tinkers around the house all day working on his car mostly. I saw him dismantling the downstairs toilet today.

Speaking of toilets, this country really needs to get on board with the concept of quality toilet paper. Thank god i bought some Cottonelle before leaving Tbilisi. Lifesaver… or ass-saver. HeHe.

“J5: ABC
Michael: Easy as…
J5: 123
Michael: Or simple as…
J5: Do Re Mi
Michael: ABC, 123, baby, you and me girl!
Michael: Easy as…
J5: 123
Michael: Or simple as…
J5: Do Re Mi
Michael: ABC, 123, baby, you and me!”

ABC, Jackson Five


One response to “Building Bridges

  1. super cute!! but maybe someone else in the house should help teach nino her abc’s, since it’s LMNOP not MLNOP haha, i’m sure it was a typo 😉

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