Yin and Yang

Grandma is very observant of my habits. She noticed that I’m not very fond of the Georgian cheese. Which isn’t the case, I just don’t like it all the time. It seems to be he only chees they serve/ get. And she noticed that usually the tea is too hot for me to drink for a looong time (I have a sensitive mouth). So today at breakfast she only made the hot water for the tea lukewarm. Mmmm. Just the way I like it.

The grandpa is a little grumpy. I think he is simply indifferent towards me. The other day he yelled at me for standing on the doorsill. Okay.

This morning for breakfast is was only grandpa and myself. Added to the regular characters for breakfast, we also had last night’s Burscht soup again. It’s made with potatoes and onions primarily. I think there might be some cabbage in there, too (you will have to Google the ingredients). I saw (and like) jam on the table so I put some on the bread. The grandpa gave me the weirdest of looks and made a gesture to me as if saying, “What the hell are you doing? The bread is for the soup!” And I simply gestured back, “I like jam…”  I saw the response on his face as he went back to slurping his soup.

Dumb Americans.

“Don’t want to be an American idiot.
One nation controlled by the media.
Information age of hysteria.
It’s calling out to idiot America.”

American Idiot, Greenday


One response to “Yin and Yang

  1. This is funny)) You might have caught on by now since this is an old post, but in Russian/Georgian tradition people are very superstitious and standing in the doorway is considered bad luck. The doorway is a transition point, so it’s seen as a place where the barrier between worlds is thin, thus you are vulnerable to spirits. This is where the tradition of carrying a bride over the threshold comes from! (Of course most Georgians don’t consciously believe in this spirit world that’s out to get them, the superstition has just become habit)

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