1. I have got to get the hang of this clothes line drying technique. I feel them while on the line and they feel dry, then I put something on, and they are still just damp enough to be irritating.

2. I have finally come to a crossroads about my hair. It’s getting unwieldy. Either I figure out how to cut it now, or I embrace letting it grow.

3. In the family village home yesterday, I saw a set of the traditional horns they drink wine from. these are only brought out for the serious Supras. When wine is poured in these (to the rim) you are supposed to drink it all at one time.

Traditional Wine Horns

4. Not to give all the attention to cows, horses are seen occasionally roaming the streets, too. (But not NEAR as funny as cows.)

5. For Example:

6. I am the master of Charades.

That is all.


Holla atcha boy!

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