The Barber of Seville

I have to interrupt the layout of the Armenia trip to share a tragedy turn success.

So as I told you before, I have been stressing over my hair or the cutting of it off to be more specific. So today was the day I was going to do something about it. After breakfast, I gained the courage to ask Lado to assist with the trimming of the back.

** Aside: When I was growing up, my dad took us (brother’s) to the barber to cut our hair. When in college, I was fortunate enough to know two dudes on my hall who would cut it for me. But after college, I decided to buy some clippers and do it myself. Been that way ever since. All I need are shavers and a handheld mirror to do it myself. with no mirror, I need an assist.***

Lado was nervous at first, trying to pass it off to grandma. But when I explained it in detail, he was MORE than eager to assist. So I got my clippers, came downstairs and gave a quick lesson.  By this time Dato, a neighborhood friend had arrived.

Lado quickly understood the ease of the process, took the clippers and went to work. Literally a minute later, the clippers broke… wouldn’t cut anymore broke. Mind you, I had cut off a good bit of hair already.

Don’t panic…

I got a Phillips screwdriver and tried to repair. No, they were irreparably broken.

Time to panic.

Off we go to the Barber. “Do you have a hat?”, Dato asks. (funny guy, that Dato) The barber sits me in the chair and goes to work. I love this man; Omar.  He is now MY personal barber. He even gave me my first barber shave.

Introducing Omar, My Barber.

Later in the day, we went to my school for some introductions.  I met my co teachers, principal, and some other teachers. All were super nice, friendly and curious.

The school (they say) is a level 7 out of 10. I felt really comfortable walking around.  They had a computer lab, which was unexpected.

I think I agreed to sing for them on the first day of school. Don’t really know how that happened, but practice is tomorrow.

The Ministry of Education, as said before, is really pushing reform.

  1. All the teachers will have to take a national exam. If they pass their salary jumps from 300 to 1000 a month.
  2. The students will be able to purchase schoolbooks through the school instead of like before having to scour town bookstores.
  3. All the elementary schools have a uniform curriculum throughout the country. They are using Macmillan English language textbooks. I had a look and they seem straightforward and easy to follow. Which is helpful for the teacher and student. Before all the teachers did was straight grammar and rote memorization.

My co-teachers seem eager and competent. Hopefully that’s not a facade.  My role will be to keep the energy up. We spent a little while in the computer lab trying to figure out what all was in the MacMillan resource materials.

I left feeling really good.  Thursday or Friday, my TLG region representative will meet with us all.

I’ve had indications that maybe some of you are trying to text me. Well, I haven’t received anything. (Well, two.) I’m looking into the situation.  In the meantime, I would love to be updated about events back home. So shoot me an email once in a while.


“We don’t need no education 
We don’t need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone
Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone!
All in all it’s just another brick in the wall.”

Another Brick In The Wall, Pink Floyd


Holla atcha boy!

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