Lado is a young person bursting with ideas. He has an idea to start a company with his cousin selling guns and ammunition. He has an idea to open a café in Tbilisi. He has the floor plan and everything. Then, upgrade to a bar, then a restaurant and ending with a hotel.

One day he jumps up and beckons me to follow him. We go off into the bowels of his grandfather’s garage. He pulls out a metal bar and tells me of his plan to make a pull up bar. After a couple of hours of sanding down the bar and trying to find a place to hang it, we were temporarily defeated by the need to erect a pole with cement. Okay.

His next idea was to make a punching bag for boxing. He woke me up out of a great nap to hear out his plan. He already had a preliminary core to the apparatus. He had a mattress wrapped around a log. He needed me to think of how to hang it and weigh it down. So we brain stormed for a bit, and came up with two alternatives. All the while, grandma and his siblings looked on with serious skepticism. I left him to it.

Lado preparing the Punching Bag

A couple of days later, lo and behold, he made it! It’s very “homemade”, but never say never when youth, time and a will to do something intersect.

This kid is going to do big things.

We also got the pull up bar functioning.

Pull up bar (Punching Bag in the background)

P.S. One day at breakfast he asks me, “So you want to be a business man, right.” When I responded that I didn’t. That I want to be an educator, He replied, “…why? Do you not like money?” I said, “It isn’t important to me.”  Lado then, shook his head in disbelief. And after a thoughtful pause said, “It’s fine, you will know me. And you will be okay.”


Holla atcha boy!

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