Back To The Future

I have take a lot of things in life for granted even though a lot of inventions and discoveries came about as recently as during my lifetime. I remember the night my family walked over to my uncle’s house to observe his new toy. It not only could record the television programs, it could also play prerecorded movies and old shows. The first movie I saw on that VCR was a Bruce Lee film, ‘Enter the Dragon’. I remember the earliest cell phones. And I remember our first bulky microwave oven. What I don’t remember very well is life before those things.

With  no cell phone, maybe it was similar to my time in Armenia. When we visited that country, none of our cellphones worked because we were out of the service area. So we had to pre-arrange meeting destinations and back up meeting destinations to make sure we didn’t run in circles around each other. Although I’m sure there was some missed rendezvous, we did fairly well.

I can’t remember life before the microwave oven. But I’m getting a flashback by living here. As said before, my grandma does well by me in the food department. I know there are practices that are taking place in that kitchen that would probably make me gag and not eat ever again if I were to see… so I don’t look. The grandma seems to have a keen thumb on the pulse of what’s appealing to me. For example, there is a delicious dish she makes that resembles a hamburger patty. They make enough if any dish to serve it for multiple days. She always serves it to me warm, which means reheating it. But if the mother or father puts the same dish out, it’s always cold, but thankfully it’s been refrigerated. Can’t say that’s true for the pizza. (Refrigerators. I can’t begin to wrap my mind around the beauty of THAT invention). I don’t even need to tell you that burgers are much better warm than cold.

Which takes me back to the microwave. What a great invention. It can cook popcorn, reheat food… well, you know. It’s simply wonderful. But not to have one is just plain inconvenient.

So people who don’t have a microwave as a major appliance in their homes are basically magicians to me.


Holla atcha boy!

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