Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my birthday! Happy birthday to me!

Last night, some of my English-speaking friends celebrated by having a party.

We started at a friend’s apartment for cake and drinks. I had always known of the apartment building that my friend lived in, but had never been inside. It cannot be missed being 11 stories tall. It also can’t be missed because it’s such an eye sore. It is the quintessential soviet constructed monster of concrete.

It was either said you had to pay to take the elevator or it only worked intermittently. Either way, the stairs seemed a safer and quicker bet. After ascending two or three flights of stairs, some things started to become acute to my observation. 1.  The staircase again was painfully Soviet-era in construction; stairs and enclosure of the densest concrete. 2. It was nearly pitch dark all the way up. 3. There were no signs as to which landing I was on. Scary!

But after trial and error walks down several dark corridors and a call to my friend, finally I found the apartment. And in the starkest contrast to the outside facade, the apartment was fabulous. I mean, REALLY fabulous. I was instantly jealous and started plotting ways to get an apartment of my own. It was spacious, modern, and comfy with updated appliances and an awesome bathroom.


We played games and had refreshments until dinner.

The cake!

Went to dinner at a restaurant that I had always been curious about. It has double black glass doors for the entrance, but I still don’t know the name of it. We got a private room in the back.  It felt very Mafia-esque.

One observation of the difference between this dinner and others with English-speaking friends, is that this one was with Peace Corp members who have been here a while. So they were able to understand and speak in Georgian enough to communicate effectively and be understood. Can’t wait until that day!

I don’t need presents and gifts for my birthday (although they are greatly appreciated). I simply love, love being around people that I feel comfortable and unguarded in their presence.  Several times I felt waves of sadness for not being home to celebrate with my long time friends. But the crew I celebrated with last night were fun, smart and funny.  Evidence that good friends can be found the world over.  And time will endear them to me just as much as friends of old.

The Supra Table

And today, my bebia (grandma) cooked her ass off getting the supra ready for me today. Caroline came over to help me celebrate. It was beautiful and warm and perfectly Georgian.

Happy birthday to me!

“It’s not that I don’t care
You know I’ll make it up to you
If I could, I’d be there

Yeah yeah whoa
Yeah yeah whoa
Well I miss you, too
Yeah yeah I know
I know it’s kind of lame
But Happy Birthday”

Happy Birthday, The Clicks


3 responses to “Happy Birthday To Me

  1. On this day in history:
    1866, The first U.S. robbery of a moving train ($100,000) occurred in Indiana.
    1889, Edison screened his first motion picture.
    1927, The first feature-length “talkie” movie, “The Jazz Singer,” debuted.
    1973, The Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) War began between Egypt and Israel. The Egyptians caught the Israelis totally by surprise.
    1979, John Paul II made the first-ever papal visit to the White House.
    1981, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was assassinated during a military parade by Islamic fundamentalist Army officers.
    Happy birthday Sanchez! I pray it will be a blessed one. 🙂

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