Shout Out To Zach

Today is a beautiful autumn fall day. Although I woke up to no power and the abrupt ‘crack’ of the axe my host father was wielding to chop a mountain of firewood, I was intensely at peace. There was a deep quiet downstairs (probably because Nino was still asleep). I laid down on the couch to finish reading ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ until the host mom, Eka, called me in to breakfast. Nika and I ate with the absence of conversation simply enjoying our hot tea, Georgian cheese and buttered bread.

I got up from the kitchen table, walked around to the living room and at that moment passing the large picture window walking down the street was the largest cow I’ve seen in my life. I literally laughed out loud.

Life is good.

On another note:  On this lazy Saturday, I perused some of the other blogs of people in my group #43. I was totally inspired by my friend Zach’s Blog and I think you will be too. He captures images with words so well. His is    It and others can be found on tab on the right hand side of the posts.

Be good and happy Saturday.


Holla atcha boy!

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