Who Shot J.R.?

When I was young, I vaguely remember a nighttime soap opera on television called ‘Dallas’. It was based on, well, the city of Dallas. Specifically a wealthy family’s drama… think Housewives of Beverly Hills. This show was crazy popular. If you ever heard the phrase, “Who Shot JR.?”, it’s from the television show, Dallas. Everybody watched this show or at least knew the plot.

I am pretty new to the blog world. I never actually read them much before this whole Georgia thing. But once I needed to research where in the world I was going, I read literally hundreds of blogs. It’s an interesting world with very, very specific topics of interest or blogs about absolutely nothing at all. There are even blogs with just photos. But it’s when reading the comments that things take on a different spin.

The comments range from benign, supportive and informative to bat shit crazy. There is jargon to consider as well as types of commenters. As I got deep into reading in this world of blogs, I came across a type of commenter described as a troll. Just like the image the word conjures, the person so called was not viewed in a favorable light.

Internet Troll:  A discussion board technique where one makes deliberately inflammatory or offensive comments that all members must reply to.

You did NOT want to be called a troll. I thought it was pretty funny. But little did I know how pervasive or sneaky these ‘trolls’ really were.

Now that I’m in Georgia, it’s important to build a community. So with that theory, I  am a member of several Georgian English speaking message boards and Facebook pages. One in particular is comparable to a MTV docudrama. The characters are lively, passionate and varied in their interests and backgrounds. The only common thread usually being that we are all in (or have been in) this country doing the same thing.

There are approaching 1000 members to the group, but yet several characters have bubbled to the forefront. Most of the posts are very informative and beneficial or at least start out that way. But some posts spin into the realm of the cut throat days of Jerry Springer drama. Instant comedy! I literally say out loud, “OH, NO HE DIDN’T!!!!!”, at least every other day. And they are not afraid to call each other out either, civilly or otherwise.

I was inspired to write this post by that Internet group. Recently there were two posts that reached incendiary levels. But they were both fortunately defused by two outspoken members of the group (who ironically have ZERO love for each other).  They deduced that the drama was caused by a troll. They used their own versions of some Sherlock Holmes-esque techniques that sure enough showed light on the culprit as just that—A TROLL! Usually a non-native speaker looking for us to say disparaging things about Georgia or our experience here.

The drama continues…

“Now I’d like someone to tell me there is no drama in real life!”- The Count Of Monte Cristo


Holla atcha boy!

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