Cha-Cha Day!!

When I got home my grandpa was calling me to the back yard. I thought he was going to show me the final product of the new smoke stack. Once I rounded the corner, I remembered; TODAY IS CHA-CHA DAY!!!


Homemade Vodka Machine

You all know how to make moonshine, right? Same process, so I won’t go into all that.



This afternoon, Lado came home and felt the need to elaborate more on the Chacha process, which was actually enlightening. But we meandered here and there around the house chatting about this and that. I showed him an asked about a wet looking piece of tile in the ceiling of my room. Just to make sure it’s not going to eventually fall on my computer. He assured me that it was secure and resolved years ago.

When we left my room, my grandma told us to make sure the outside door to the living quarters was always shut. I asked why, because the other door on the other side of the corridor leading outside was still wide open. She said because the corn is drying, mice will come up and try to get into the house.

… You don’t have to tell me twice. But why not shut the other door too. Why? “They come up this way. It’s easy for them.” But there is a staircase up the other side.  “They don’t come that way.”  Okay.

But that reminds me of my rat situation( See- ‘Nightmare On My Street‘). I still here them at night (and sometimes in broad daylight). For the longest time I thought that maybe I was the only one to hear them, so I didn’t say anything. But Nika was in my room working on an English assignment and the rats must have had a falling out, because they were full out fighting. I could hear them, so therefore Nika should have been able to hear them. He didn’t twitch or move a muscle, he calmly kept on reading. Well, dang.

So bottom line, the rats haven’t infiltrated the room, although I think they are trying really, really hard. So until that happens, I just gotta play it cool .



“Every time I reminisce
Its sweeter than moonshine tasting like an apple pie
We were wishing and kissing and sipping that stuff
Sho’ nuff messing me up
Till I couldn’t tell the moonlight from the stars in her eyes I never felt so fine
Caught up in a good time between her and that apple pie moonshine
Apple pie moonshine”

Apple Pie Moonshine, Jake Owen


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