A Guest In My Own Home

I feel very comfortable with the path I have chosen. But I still don’t feel ‘settled’ here. And the other night, I think I figured out why. It’s because I am still someone’s guest. I can’t fully settle in someone else’s home. So I still have a transient feeling.

I will stay in Ozurgeti and probably my host family for the full year. I want to absorb the language and culture while under their umbrella. Then I will more than likely get my own apartment. I like Ozurgeti, but I think I would be more comfortable with the conveniences of a larger city. Not Tbilisi, but maybe Batumi or Kutaisi. I haven’t been to Zudidi yet.

If I do that, my travel would have to be cut down significantly. But also by then, I will have visited the highlights of the country by then, and wouldn’t need to travel as much.


Holla atcha boy!

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