Gobble Gobble

Lado and I went to the store to get supplies. We had trouble securing the evaporated milk, cheddar cheese, unsalted butter and other key ingredients, but I improvised well enough. When we got back home, Lado told me to wait for him to return to start. He had to go to tutoring.

During breakfast, waiting for the ladies to clear some kitchen space for us, Lado yells for me to hurry up and finish. The oven and stovetop fires are lit…. its time to cook!  Okay! I got up, because I didn’t need to finish my bread with jelly. I was going to eat again in an hour. But the host grandpa of course yelled at me. “What the hell! Sit down and finish your bread! People are starving in Africa!!” (Or something like that.)

My host mom and grandma were super excited about me cooking and equally excited to witness a new American dish. They asked me to show them other recipes, too.

The cooking in the kitchen was super hectic. They were cooking for the host dad’s birthday supra, too. It’s hard to cook in someone else’s kitchen, even more so a kitchen in a foreign country. Things didn’t work out exactly as planned. The cheese was too soft, which made it separate from the eggs, but after all was said and done, I had a respectable dish of  Mac and Cheese.

My Macaroni and Cheese Dish

I had planned on asking the host dad to drive me to the meeting place, but he was out with Lado practicing for his driver’s license. So I had to walk with the hot dish. I used my hat and gloves to protect my hands. On the way, a neighbor who is currently on break from school in University in Tbilisi, helped me to find my destination.

When I approached the apartment I saw several of my students! That was a pleasant surprise. It’s always good to see students in a non-classroom setting, plus I got to see their parents and them me.

When I got to the dinner, everyone was already there. There were a couple of people I didn’t know, but for the most part, it was a gathering of people I had met from Peace Corp or other TLG members. The table was set and the other dishes were ready to be delved into. We had Turkey, gravy, potato salad, squash casserole, apple crisps and more. It was a true ‘American’ dinner. And everything turned out so good! I think everyone was pleasantly surprised.

Good food, good fun, good people. So although I’m halfway across the globe, it’s good to be able to gather with friends and recreate a tradition that we all cherish and hold so dear.

One thing I want to mention is a tidbit on the host for the dinner party. He moved here three years ago with his family; wife and two kids. He is in Georgia doing Educational work similar to what I want to eventually be doing. He works for an NGO training Georgian teachers on alternative teaching methodologies. His wife is a pre-school teacher from what I gather. And her Georgian is amazing. Their children were super young when they brought them over. Their oldest daughter is fluent in Georgian and the younger son understands it well. They were here to see Georgia before TLG or Peace Corp. They are building a house and are truly putting down roots. It’s good to see that my goal is attainable and that others have had similar thoughts for Georgia.

And now the moment you have all been waiting for… Brooke attempting to behead the Thanksgiving Turkey.

* This is a violent and disturbing video, I’m not joking. If you are a member of or sympathizer of PETA, or if you object to seeing animals harmed or hurt, or if you just love animals to any degree whatsoever or if you have a heart, you WILL NOT want to watch this. But we did eat it, and it was very yummy.

Video: Brooke and the Turkey

(Now that i think about it, I doubt this is even Youtube approved)



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