Today, I had to cover two classes of a sick co-teacher. Fortunately one of them was a class I started some classroom management techniques already. (That’s not to say some of the students still didn’t still act a fool. One kid had it in his mind that he was going to throw paper balls all day long; teacher, no teacher, didn’t matter.) But all in all, we had a really good time.

The other class was a 10th grade class I had not met yet. So I was excited to go to them. I’m really impressed with the level of English that the higher grades already know. That’s testament to the teachers here at our school. What that means to me is although the beginning grades are STRUGGLING, there is hope. They were laid back and very receptive to me and the conversation.


Tomorrow is the first meeting of an English Speaking club for high schoolers I am starting here. We are going to meet twice a week to start and see how that goes. We are meeting at the school at 5:00. A problem with scheduling that I encountered was that they are stacked with time commitments. School lasts until 3:00, so it obviously had to be afterschool. But I was informed that a lot of the students have private lessons immediately afterschool (and late into the night. Lado is at a lesson now, and it’s 8 p.m.). I initially wanted to do a joint Club with Caroline in a café in town. That way we could have joined schools and upped the cool factor. But then I got to thinking maybe some of the kids couldn’t afford to spent money on things like that. And Caroline’s days are numbered here with me….. sigh.

I’m really excited and I know the kids I’ve talked to are excited as well. But if you know me, you also know I get super nervous when putting on events. So Ill probably not sleep all night thinking of all angles of how it should go tomorrow. Wish me well.

Oh, if any of my followers (Renee I. and Ami H.) have any ideas for activities that we can do, things that you think would help them practice English with each other with no pressure and while having fun let me know.

The facebook page for Club (created today!) is www.facebook.com/english.for.number.four


 “It’s all happening!” -Penny Lane, Almost Famous


3 responses to “English.For.Number.Four

  1. Two thoughts:
    1. I agree with Mr. Russ Olson that if your past has any indication of the future, I see only good things ahead for this club.
    2. Shouldn’t you name your club something with proper English/not a confusing title? 🙂

    • Thanks Colonel and George. The name of the facebook page (I thought) was witty. We are Ozurgeti’s School #4. And it’s an English Club. Duhh!

      On Tue, Nov 27, 2012 at 9:34 AM, The Georgian Chronicles: Part I

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