A Lesson On Fun

It’s cold in my school. They have heat, but I guess they are saving it for the REALLY cold days. Even though I (and most people) wear my coat and hat in the building the whole day. So what I’ve notice most of the older kids doing is going outside to stand in patches of sunshine. That’s what I now do, too.

So on Friday, I was chilling outside getting warm. A group of high school girls comes up behind me to say hello. I asked where they were coming from because I also noticed that they hop the fence across the street from the school and go… somewhere. They said that they were riding the bumper cars.  That’s right, you read that statement correctly…. BUMPER CARS!

They asked if I wanted to ride them.  Yes please.


We might have skipped fourth period. But it was a cultural exchange lesson.


4 responses to “A Lesson On Fun

    • Love bumper cars! they cost 50 tetri, which is like 50 cents per ride. Love you, too, Colonel!!

      On Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 5:23 PM, The Georgian Chronicles: Part I

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