What keeps me sane in Georgia is having a community of people that have a shared experience that I can communicate with in English. Who knows if most or any of us would have been organic friends back in the States? But here, they are my family. They are my support. But because of ending contracts and shifting teaching positions, my community is becoming fewer.  So many people are leaving Georgia over winter break for good. I don’t think I can get a firm grasp on who all are staying and who all are going until the dust settles when we return.

Two friends who I am certain would have been close friends back in the States are Jess and Caroline. They are leaving Georgia for good, leaving a huge hole in my heart.


Jess and Caroline

So my last night in Ozurgeti, my host family held a goodbye supra for me and I invited the two ladies for one last toast with the sweetness of good memories and delicious Georgian wine.

Cheers ladies. Happy travels.


Holla atcha boy!

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