Looking Back

Being in the States was better for me than I imagined. Seeing my friends and family was magical. And having them ask questions of my experience showed that they care about what the hell I’m doing halfway around the world and it also helped me to further synthesize and process life here in Georgia.

Over the years, I have acquired the best circle of friends in the world. Although I am not with them physically, they are carried in my heart wherever I go.

Thanks for housing me, feeding me, chatting with and loving me.  And helping to eat my way through a checklist of food; Sushi, Hot Wings, BBQ, etc.

It was the perfect mix of seeing people and relaxing.

Until next time…

“We are all sitting
legs crossed round a fire
my yellow flame she dances
tequila drinking, oh our
minds will wonder
to wondrous places

So why would you care
to get out of this place
you and me and all our friends
such a happy human race

Eat, drink and be merry
for tomorrow we die”

Tripping Billies, Dave Matthews Band


3 responses to “Looking Back

  1. What about bacon!!!!love and miss you!!we loved having you xxoo stay safe ,healthy and happy!!

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