Snowball Fights In Poland

My first leg after leaving North Carolina to Georgia was Chicago.  There I met up with several other members of TLG. One of which was Leah from my Orientation group #43. We stopped to eat our last of American food. Although this restaurant isn’t at the top of my fast food restaurants, it is undoubtedly an icon of America- McDonald’s.

I think I have forever been spoiled by Turkish Airlines. The Polish airplane was nowhere near the level of awesomeness. The food was just barely edible. The seats were super cramped and the movies were the same ones I had seen on the flight back to the States. Going anywhere else in the world or back to America, I will try my hardest to travel with Turkish Airlines.

After crossing the Atlantic, the next layover was in Warsaw. In Warsaw, I had planned on meeting my friend Marta, who lives there and is former TLG.

Marta and Me

Marta and Me

Poland was COLD. And unfortunately, I left my heavy-duty winter gear in Georgia. Walking around, my bottom jaw became numb. But I wanted to see as much of the city as possible.  So off through the cold city we went.  She took us to the coolest bars. In America they would have been called hipster. But I don’t think that term applies in Europe.  We ate and shared a variety of perogies, a Polish traditional cuisine, before heading to one more bar for a last drink.

Thank God we were with Marta, because we were 15 minutes shy of missing our flight.


I wish we had more time there, but we made the best of the time we had.


“You can find me, if you ever want again
I’ll be around the bend
I’ll be around the bend
I’ll be around,
I’ll be around
And if you never stop when you wave goodbye
You just might find if you give it time
You will wave hello again
You just might wave hello again

And that’s the way this wheel keeps working now”

Wheel, John Mayer


Holla atcha boy!

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