English Club Revisited

Yesterday was a very successful English Club meeting. Not very many people came but I have a consistent base number of four delightful girls. I had asked them the previous meeting to bring in the lyrics to a favorite song or a song that best represents them.

This is what they brought in:

Two Of A Kind by Sofia Nizharadze. This is Lana’s her favorite Georgian singer. And I have to agree, she can sing! It always makes Lana think of her relationships with her friends- plutonic and otherwise.

Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. This is Maggie’s favorite song. She likes it because of a particular story associated with it (don’t know if it’s true or not). But the story goes, there were a group of people fleeing Soviet Union for the States. They were captured and interrogated. Among the captives were a husband and wife. During interrogation, the wife (while the interrogators were turned away) scratched in the wall or desk “Wish You…”.  And when she was brought back to be reinterrogated some time later, she noticed that (her husband) had finished the message during his interrogation, “…Were Here”.

Maggie also loves Taylor Swift. So I was excited to be able to get her a copy of the latest CD while I was back in the States.

1973 by James Blunt was chosen by Sofia. We didn’t get around to questioning her about why. That’s for next time.

Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton was selected by Izzy. She loves Clapton! She knows all his songs and trivia associated with him. We are going to question her about the song next time, too.

To end we had a spirited debate on, “Which is more important in a song- text or melody”.

I Love those girls!


I wanna be your melody
Flowing through your head, when you think of me
I wanna be your favorite song
La la la la laYou’ll be singing like
Ooh ooh ooh ooh

All I wanna, all I wanna, all I wanna say is
I just wanna sing it to you everyday
All I wanna, all I wanna, all I wanna say is
La la la la la

Favorite Song, Colbie Caillat



Holla atcha boy!

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