It’s unseasonably warm here now. But the mornings are still cold. Which means the water is cold. I can kind of understand why Nika is in the habit of just touching the water and calling that ‘washing his hands’. Washing your hands (and face) in freezing water is more like a metaphysical experience.

The host dad said that the faucets are hooked up to deliver hot water, too. But I highly doubt it. And since even having water in the morning is a crapshoot, I don’t want to waste it when I do have it on ‘running the cold water out of the line’.

I don’t understand the architectural decision to separate the house in to two separate living spaces. To get from the common living area (downstairs) to the bedrooms (upstairs), you must literally go outside. Outside! I am getting used to the going outside to use the bathroom (not really), but I don’t get the purpose of saying, “Hmm… let’s never get totally comfortable in the house.  We will go outside EVERYDAY even when we don’t have to.” And when they blame my getting sick on everything from ‘drinking your Coke while it’s still cold’, ‘you shouldn’t have cut your hair’ to ‘you shouldn’t have taken a shower’, I want to scream. Just think of all the times you travel from your bedroom to your living room. See what I’m saying!?!

In other news, I came home the other night to see an aquarium on the counter between the kitchen and the dining room. The fish inside remind me of coy…. or really big goldfish.

I got excited because I LOVE fish. I don’t like any other animal of domestication, but fish are cool. Nino named the three fish after her siblings and herself. And we had a great time learning English via the items in the tank.

The next morning, the fish were in this.

Lado, Nino, and Nika

Lado, Nino, and Nika

The aquarium apparently broke. No one was accused in the re-telling of the breakage. It’s a little sad. The host dad said that they used to have a huge tank. But he got tired of cleaning the tank, and stones of fish shit. So he gave it to his neighbor in the back.  Well, she is returning to work in Turkey for 3 months, so the fish came back home. (I don’t know where they were when she was over there the first time…)

We’ll see how long they last.


Holla atcha boy!

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