Fish Pt. II

My dad fished for as long as I can remember. Not the ‘catch and release’, but the ‘ catch’em and eat’em all’ kind of guy. Which meant that I grew up eating fish- all kinds. I love fish. They are delicious. And since my dad caught them from ponds, rivers, lakes, and oceans, navigating the bones also had to be learned at an early age. As an adult I graduated to ordering filleted fish in restaurants or filleting them myself if I happened to catch some camping or whenever.

Being on the Black Sea, there is a love for fish here, too. The first batches I ate this summer were chock full of bones. Which as said before, I can negotiate, but they fish were too small and the bones too many too put in the effort.

The other week for a supra, Eka fried up some fish that were cut cross-section and larger than the other fish. They were battered in a seasoning that I had not eaten either. I couldn’t stop eating. They usually keep bringing food out, but I ate soo much they were slowing down the return plates, which was a sign for me to stop eating.

And just last week, she brought out another type of fish. This kind was tiny, which scared me turned me off. But she said, ‘Eat’! and threw the whole thing in her mouth.  …Okay.

I did, too and again, yummy fish! I guess the best way to describe them is like sardines… no… what are those fish people use to catch other fish…. MINNOWS!!! We were eating minnow like fish. And they were good! I killed a plate of those bad boys by myself.


PS. The fish and the jar they were in (still working on that pic from last post) are gone. Nowhere to be seen. R.I.P.

Guess the lure was enough
Guess the lure was enough
Yes the lure was enough

Catch and Release, Silversun Pickups


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