Often when I eat chewing gum, I get those ulcers in my mouth…not the herpes kind… or maybe it is. One particular gum doesn’t cause the ulcers to happen so frequently; Orbitz gum. Therefore it’s pretty much the only kind of gum I chew. But a friend told me that it was absurd to think chewing gum makes those sores in my mouth. She said it was actually caused from kissing and that I just incorrectly matched a result to the wrong cause. Hmm… okay.

A volunteer here in Georgia was told by his host family and community that he was sick because he ate an ice cream from the McDonald’s when he visited Kutaisi.

My host family told me I got sick once because I drank my Coca-cola when it was still too cold from the refrigerator.

They also won’t let me take a shower in the daylight hours because I might get sick.

I don’t know what it is about little kids and standing in front of the television. Nino could be sitting comfortably on the couch, but slowly over the course of the program start to inch towards the TV, until we all have to yell at her to move. I used to do it too. My mom told me that I would lose my vision if I kept it up. I now wear glasses.

P.S. I haven’t kissed anyone recently and the chewing gum is still making ulcers in my mouth.




Nosophobia, Nosemaphobia

1. An irrational dread of sickness or of some particular disease. 
2. A fear of disease; usually associated with no discoverable organic illness, or if the latter is present, the fear is grossly exaggerated and has been superimposed upon the natural concern about the illness.

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