Family Update

The grandpa is warming up to me. He doesn’t yell at me anymore. And he actually offers me things and tries to teach me some Georgian/ Russian.  I always wake up very early in the morning to him unlocking the upstairs door, going downstairs and starting his car.  I thought he was just an early riser (lots of old people are).  I thought he was just moving his car out of the garage to work on it. But upon further inspection, I heard him actually opening the gate and driving away. I asked Lado about this the other day, and he informed me that the grandpa has a part-time job. He delivers bread! …who knew.

It’s still funny when Nino yells at him, though. Hehe.

I found out that the host mom went to Batumi this weekend to take an exam to work for the electric company. Good for her! I guess the host dad relented. Stay posted on that.

Nino is taking a greater interest in learning English. I still don’t want to overwhelm her with it though. Kids are finicky about learning things. The iPad helps a lot. She is bold and comfortable enough to knock on my door to get it or to ask for the passcode. She is immeasurably cute. I understand the urge of young parents to post thousands of pictures on Facebook of their little one. I could never capture the cuteness on video, because it would no longer be ‘natural’. You will just have to trust me on this one.



The host dad came home bummed out the other day. He apparently had been working on this project for the school system of Oz. He proposed to add 10 percent to individual schools’ accounts. And then add a 5,000 fund for kids who can’t afford books or materials. Win-win scenario. I thought it was a great idea. He had worked on it for 2 months.  But in the final hour, he was informed that his immediate boss swooped in and took all the credit for the idea.  Eish.

I felt bad for the guy. I suspended my ‘no cha-cha’ rule for 48 hours.

Nika is the only family member that they want me to teach English. But he DOES NOT want to learn. He is also is getting more and more bratty. He’s yelling and talking back to the grandparents and his mom. Middle school kids… I don’t understand them.

Lado is Lado. Oh. I did find out some information about the Internet. We have wi-fi in the house, which is awesome that I don’t have to buy an Internet stick and pay for monthly service, like the volunteers in the villages usually have to do. But it has been atrocious lately. I mean literally just turning off for hours at a time. The modem is in the boys’ room and I would go to ask if the wi-fi were on and Lado would answer me in a tone as if to say, “Well yes, stupid! Look for yourself!” So I indeed would look, and feel stupid. And stop asking so frequently. Occasionally I did notice they would take a little longer to come answer my knock on the door. But I attributed that to them…doing boy things.

One day, the Internet was out, but we had to go down and eat lunch. I was the first one to finish and the boys had stayed downstairs, so I snuck back upstairs to see for myself if the wifi was on or not.

I opened their door and walked in. Sitting at the desk was their cousin, Dato! He scared the shit outta me!  I told him I was just checking the wi-fi, and he said, “Oh, we needed to turn it off to boost the speed for what we were doing (online game or something) and then we were going to reconnect it, but had forgotten.” They had been shutting me down so they could play games all this time!!!!  UGH.

And grandma is grandma.


“Goodnight John Boy, goodnight Mary Ellen, goodnight Mama, goodnight Erin, goodnight Ben, goodnight Jim-Bob…”

-The Walton’s


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