You Say Fat, I Say Fat

I mentioned earlier that it finally snowed the other day in my town. One of the co teachers wanted to share with me an impromptu lesson on weather that she did with her 5th grade class. She asked them what did they think about the weather today.

She said one boy raised his hand to answer the question. I also teach sometimes in this class, so I am familiar with them. She then proceeds to assist me in making sure we are talking about the same boy. So in front of the current 6th grade class we are in, she says, “You know Giorge. He sits in the front. The big, fat, round [making similar hand gestures] boy.”   …Okay.


So far, there has only been one food that has induced me to vomit. But I have told myself, from here on out, I will at least try everything; once. And not wanting to offend people gives me motivation.

So the other day, Lado asks if I have eaten the fat under the skin of pig.  Hmmm….   That’s a tricky question. Did he mean bacon? I love bacon!   So to be safe, I answered, “maybe”.

He comes home with a plastic bag and puts it on the table. I was already eating first lunch. He takes out this block of white stuff.  It looked to be seasoned on one side. He started cutting it into thin slices, put it on a piece of bread, and then ate it.

I asked what it was, and he said, Salo, pig fat. He said it (as with all Georgian food) was delicious! I looked at the grandmother for confirmation, and she nodded in ascent. So I cut off a piece of raw, cured pig fat and put in on a piece of bread and ate it.

It indeed was cured. It tasted better that it sounds or looked for that matter. But one piece is enough raw fat to be eating for me.


(Excerpt from 1st grade textbook)

Claire has got blue eyes.

She is tall, she is not fat.

She has got a silver space suit

and Fin, the space cat.

– English World, MacMillan Publishing


One response to “You Say Fat, I Say Fat

  1. The pig fat reminds me of a meal Linda and I had (I cannot bring myself to say enjoyed.) at the Chinese attache’s house in New Delhi. Supreme heroism was required to choke it down. Oh, the sacrifices I have made for my country. 🙂

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