Winter Has Passed


If you know me, you are aware that I am painfully opposed to cold weather. And coming to Georgia, I had to brace myself for the coldest, snowiest longest winters of my life. Last year, they said it snowed everyday during the month of February. Everyday.

But fortunately this year, it has been extremely mild even for my standards. I was a little disappointed, but I am NOT going to complain. The days are getting longer, the birds are chirping and the buds are blooming!

I bet you can actually SEE the smile on my face!


Winter’s cold spring erases
And the calm away by the storm is chasen
Everything good needs replacing
Look up, look down, all around, hey satellite

Satellite, Dave Matthews Band


2 responses to “Winter Has Passed

  1. The blooms are out on our apricot and plum trees. Alas, we are forecast to have a hard freeze tonight and tomorrow night. Linda plans to spray the apricot tree early tomorrow morning in an effort to save some blossoms.

  2. I feel exactly the same way! I was a bit disappointed at the less than wintery winter, because I anticipated much worse, but I prefer no winter to a harsh one!

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