As mentioned before, I love eating fish. And the family knows it. Lado knew I also love sushi. (Lado hates fish. He is passionately opposed to the work one has to put into picking bones out in proportion to the amount of fish meat one actually gets to eat.)

I came down to eat second lunch the other day and on the table beside the fries potato slices and mashed potates was a plate of raw fish with slivers of raw onion on top.


I like sushi and all, but this was ridiculous. I sat down, but couldn’t help from staring at it. Was I REALLY going to man up and eat this? My mind started trying to do math equations to predict probability of getting food poisoning. I couldn’t even play it off. I needed assistance. I asked Lado was it cooked. He said, nope. Hmm…. I asked how was I supposed to eat it. Was there a method? Did I eat bones and all? He pondered for a second, then asked his mother. No, you do not eat the bones.


He had a little mercy on me and got a knife and cut a slice off the tail end. She said if I didn’t like it, go out back and spit it out. I peeled it open, deboned it, shut my eyes and popped it in my mouth.

It still had the sushi taste, which was good. That alone held back my hair trigger gag reflex. Actually…. it wasn’t that bad. If anything it was salty. I mentioned this to my host mom, and she says that’s what it was prepared in.  OH!!!!!  I get it, now. It’s not raw, raw, but more like a ceviche. I like ceviche!  But unfortunately it was too salty. I couldn’t eat it alone. I think they recognized this about the fish before I pointed it out, beside they served it with the assortment of potatoes.

I could only eat half a fish, which I thought was a huge accomplishment.




Holla atcha boy!

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