Peering Into The Future.

So its time for me to decide a LOT of things. My program is doing an overhaul on itself. They made a lot of people nervous because it sent ‘hundreds’ (unconfirmed) of people home. They even stopped bringing new teachers into the country until August ’13. So recently, they said they will allow requests for contract extensions but only for a semester. Which means, I can stay with the program potentially for another half year. If I am accepted to extend, that means I still get a free flight anywhere in the world this summer. It won’t be a paid trip this time, which is a bummer and changes my plans GREATLY, but still. But if I am not accepted… well, here are the other options.

There are private schools and English learning programs in the larger cities. I went to look at a private school in the city of Kutaisi. If I don’t get an extension or if I simply take that job, I won’t get a paid trip anywhere (nor could I afford one) this summer. I’ll just stay in the country, get an apartment and start working in the Fall. And that also means I would be locked into Georgia and would have taken another step on the way to the long-term goal. But a problem with that is I will not know the language anywhere near as well as I would like. So living on my own would be difficult (but doable).

Alternatives of that is, I could extend with TLG and try to get a job mid-semester. That would mean they would fly me home in the summer, but that would be the last time. If I don’t get extended and if the private school route is shady or unsubstantial, my next route would be to eject from Georgia and go to another country to teach. But this time, make money. Maybe Turkey…


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