Peering Into The Future… Continued

One of my purposes for visiting Kutaisi was to tour a potential school I would teach at after TLG’s contract ended.  My friend (American) worked at this school when he first moved to Georgia. And his kids attend the school now.

In comparison to the average Georgian school, this one is solidly more impressive. First of all, it’s private. It’s named as a Georgian-American School. I don’t know what that means exactly. The only America students are my friend’s kids.

Some of the things that I appreciated: 1. There was a functioning café with seating for the kids, 2. Smaller, manageable classrooms. 3. Aesthetically pleasing infrastructure, 4. Rooms dedicated to specific academic disciplines and 5. The majority of teachers I met (even on a Saturday) spoke English.

I could see myself teaching there.


My friend’s wife was having a REALLY emotional and just all around bad day with banks, etc. We were driving to the school in their car. In conversation, the mom says something like…

Mom:  … lady treats everybody like crap. She’s like Satan, man.

[a quieted, guilty hush descends over the car]

5 year old daughter: Mommie, you said SATAN.

Mom: I know baby, I’m sor—-

Daughter: Satan is just another word for THE DEVIL!

Mom [shamed]: I know, baby. Mommie should not have said that.


Holla atcha boy!

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