Improvements In Translation.

Today in my 4th grade class, the head teacher was circulating grading homework. I was standing in the back of the class waiting.

A girl sitting beside me asked the teacher, “What’s the English for, ‘Gviqvarkhart’, Sanchezi‘?” The teacher didn’t hear her as she was grading papers. But other kids heard and they quickly tried to translate. One said, “I am like Sanchezi….” Others rapidly agreed with his assessment and chimed in, “I am like Sanchezi!!”

… Okay.

I was trying to decipher what that meant.

The teacher realized there was a commotion going on and listened to what was being said. The original student asked again what was the translation for ‘Gviqvarkhart’, Sanchezi‘ . The teacher then announced they wanted to say, “I love you, Sanchez!”


I was sitting outside with Nika and Nino enjoying the day. For spring, it was uncomfortably hot. I said this to Nika who then said, We should go to the ‘mdinaris’. Immediately Nino, who was sitting on my lap, mimed a ferocious monster. I asked her if she meant, ‘tiger’, or ‘monster’ but she obviously couldn’t respond to me. In the meanwhile, Nika didn’t know the English word for what he was trying to say. So he yelled into his father who translated, “river”.

“Oh”, I said, “It’s hot enough to go to the river!” Nino, who had disappeared, returned and whispered something into Nika’s ear. I asked what she said. She had snuck away to ask her father to translate what she wanted to say, too. She meekly said,



(Disclaimer: I didn’t post this video to be conceited. A phrase in the post reminded me of the commercial, a long time favorite of mine.)


Holla atcha boy!

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