Best Concert Ever!

I was on my way out the door to meet Marta. We were going to pick up Rachel’s cake for her birthday gathering later that night. I had my bag packed and everything. Just at that moment, the host dad knocks on my door and asks if I wanted to eat. “No, I’m going to a party.” He says surely I could spare a moment to eat first. … Okay. (I texted my friend to say I would be late.)

After dinner I ran to the agreed upon meeting place. When I arrived to the square I saw Marta on the steps of the Theatre. We had talked about going to a concert of Georgian dancers a couple of days ago. I when up to meet her. She said the concert was sold out as we had to buy tickets earlier.  …Okay.

But this man was grabbing at us and asked if we were foreigners. Yep. He then takes us by the hand and leads us through the crowd. He personally ushers us personally to the second row! On the way, it seemed like half of my school was already seated. They started yelling my name and saying Hello. I waved back and smiled at them. I also was pointing to the kids in the back rows, and giving personal waves and smiles them. I feel like a true celebrity! So fun!

Still 1

The concert was beautiful and amazing. Measuring my dancing level of Georgian dance compared to them, I am at Level 2.

The costumes were of course traditional, but they were spectacular. The dresses of the ladies for first dance made my jaw drop.

There was one dance where they simulated swordplay. They were twisting and spinning and making sparks fly from the contact of the metal all at the same time!

Still 2

Best concert ever!


“I must learn to be content with being happier than I deserve.” – Jane Austin, Pride and Prejudice.




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