Turkey: Beginning Of The End of Istanbul

Woke up a little later Monday morning due to the late light getting back to the island. I did not pack for this type of weather. Mind you it was a really nice spring day leaving Georgia, which is several latitudes North of Istanbul. But no time for crying, there was a whole city to see!

First stop, MiniaTurk. This was a park that had all of the major attractions of Turkey on display in the miniature. It was pretty cool. When you entered the park, they gave you a ticket with a barcode on it. The barcode told you the background of the site when scanned. It was so cold though, we were at hyperthermic level by the time we finished the tour.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque, MiniTurk

Sultan Ahmed Mosque, MiniaTurk

Next was the Pierre Loti hill district. We had to take a gondola to get to this place. From the river up to the top of a mountain were gravesites. And I mean A LOT OF gravesites. I did a poor job of documenting the magnitude of this site.

Peirre Loti Hill District

Pierre Loti Hill District

We got to the top where there was a small center of shops and cafes. The view was stunning. We walked around the top for a while then walked down the mountain to another cute pedestrian area.

Pierre Loti Hill district

Pierre Loti Hill District

By this time, we were getting hungry. My friend had mentioned eating a type of noted food of the city, so I decided to try it. Under the Galata Bridge is a string of restaurants all known for their specific fish sandwiches. And I LOVE fish. So we traveled back to the bridge to try one.

Gatala Bridge, Istanbul. (Fish Restaurants)

Gatala Bridge, Istanbul. (Fish Restaurants)

We stopped at the first one we came to, partly because we were hungry but also because it was freezing out. The sandwich was not as delicious as we had imagined. They definitely could have put some more toppings on to add to the taste. Oh well. We still were able to check it off the list.

We were spent by then, so back to the island for a hot shower and perhaps a movie.

When I got out of the shower, my friend had bad news. There was leak in the plumbing that needed to be fixed immediately, as in in the morning. Which meant we had to pack it up and get out.

Fortunately, she had a childhood friend willing and ready to accept us. It also meant I would be able to see another part of Turkey that I hadn’t planned on visiting.

Next stop, Ankara!


As for you

you Pierre Loti!

through our yellow tarpaulin hides

among us

the traveling

typhous louse

is closer to us than you are

French officer!

Şarlatan Piyer Loti (Charlatan Pierre Loti),Nazim Hikmet


Holla atcha boy!

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