Turkey: No Time For Castles

The next morning my friend and I decided to hit the city and see what Ankara had to offer. We were again treated to a breakfast laid out by Ayşe before she left for work. It was a beautiful day!

We took the bus into the main part of Ankara, and our first stop was to see the first (and second) Parliament buildings of the Republic of Turkey. Being a history teacher, these structures although not impressive in aesthetic, were very fascinating. The experience was further illuminated by the great story-telling ability of my friend (and tour guide).

Turkey has two fascinating time periods in it’s history. One being the defeat of the Byzantine Empire by the Ottoman Empire and the second being the founding of the Republic of Turkey under the leadership of  Ataturk. The sultan who conquered Istanbul for the Ottoman Empire- genius. And Ataturk is a fascinating study of nation building. (More on both of them later.)

We visited the two Parliament sites and was on the way to go see the Castle in Ankara, when we got in touch with our hosts. Mustafa wanted to see the Castle, too. And since the next day was Saturday, we could all go together. And I we had mentioned going dancing later that night. If that was going to happen, we needed to head home.

On the way home, we stopped at a beautiful public park with fountains. It  was dusk and the view was spectacular.


Ayşe prepared another delicious dinner.

We got ready for the club. Two other friends of our hosts decided to join us. We didn’t want to go ALL the way back to the city, so we researched a club on the Internet closer to home. When we got there, we found out it wasn’t really a club, but a restaurant that played music later on.  Eh.

The two sisters in our party new of a club that was guaranteed to be hopping, but it was in the center of the city. Let’s go!!!

This club was indeed hopping and packed out! Fortunately we knew the resident photographer, so we didn’t have to pay or wait in the crazy long line. The club had two rooms, standing room only with too many bar tables. As said before, it was packed out.

We would have had a better time had the DJ been better and more attentive. (I hate being held hostage to a bad DJ). He played some good stretches of American and international pop. But for too much of it, he played songs for the owner of the bar, which translated into weird random stuff. That’s not to say I didn’t have fun. We danced and enjoyed each other’s company.

Dancing in Turkey… check!




Holla atcha boy!

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