Shhhh….. Flash Mob!!!!!

After dance practice for the last couple of weeks, there has been a group of kids gathered outside the museum dancing. I know a couple of them from school, but a lot of them go to other schools. I eventually asked them what they were doing, and the girl I knew explained they were going to perform a ‘flash mob’!

Well the day finally came. It wasn’t a flash mob, per se, more like an announced dance in the park. They had told all their friends and family. So the day of, there were a large number of people standing around waiting for them to do their thing.DSCN3116

The music was a mix between traditional Georgian and current pop songs. But they pretty much danced Georgian dances. It was so fun and cute!

Afterwards they released Japanese lanterns.



“I keep dancing on my own
I keep dancing on my own”

Dancing On My Own, Robyn


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