You Win Some… You Lose Some

So mid May, my organization, TLG, is going to have an end of year conference in Tbilisi. I’m not gonna lie, I am stoked about this. I have been super curious about how many people are actually in the program and still in Georgia. We all will be there– hopefully. We will stay in Tbilisi the first night at Bazaleti Hotel. (I was getting nostalgic for a while until I found out its NOT the same Bazaleti hotel  orientation was held when we arrived in Georgia.) This Bazaleti   will be a property they have on a lake.  Then we will go to a beautiful nearby town called Mtskheta. (The town I want to move to eventually, hopefully as early as next year.) The conference is going to be mid week, which is a little strange, but whatever.



They announced that they will have speakers, presentations, etc, etc. They also made us aware of various contests. I am not a fan of contests during conferences that are supposed to be relaxing (or that I have labeled relaxing). One was to make a video demonstrating teaching practices in the class. My plan was to let this contest pass, but my principal received the email, too. And he is VERY much into contests. So it was more a directive to do it now.   …Okay.

So even though I didn’t want to do it, I wasn’t just gonna make a shitty video. And if we “won” my co-teacher would get to go to the conference, too. And she was pretty stoked about that.

I got a great idea over the weekend and we decided to use my fifth grade class to video. We had a blast taping it. It’s no wonder they are my favorite class.

It took me a good two days to edit the video and upload. Which I don’t think they thought the process through very well. Editing video is NOT an easy ‘cut and paste’ activity. And a lot of schools I doubt have the technological ability to edit AND upload. But whatever, I got ours done.

I showed the principal and he was mediocre about it….   thanks, Big Guy.

Anyway, here is the video. Please don’t wish me to win… it’s more a personal gratification thing. Oh, and let me introduce:  My awesome 5th grade class of Ozurgeti School #4!

Helpful Teaching Practices Video

So, my co-teacher called TLG to ask if they received video. They said they had. But my co-teacher continued to tell me, and I quote, “They did not like video…”     Okay.


“So who you placing the blame on, you keep on singing the same song
Let bygones be bygones, you can go on and get the hell on
You and your mama”

Sorry Ms. Jackson, Outkast


4 responses to “You Win Some… You Lose Some

  1. I enjoyed the video and appreciate the work behind it, but as an Army buddy once told me, “Sometimes you be the bug; sometimes you be the windshield.”
    Your co-teacher appears to be a bit formidable. 🙂

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