Ranting and Raving

Sitting on a warm toilet seat is… fantastic. I can’t remember the last time this occurred in Georgia. Thank God, it’s Spring!


My family in specific, Georgians in general are very repetitive in the questions they ask and the stories they tell me. I don’t know if it’s because they forget or simply can’t think of any else to ask or say. Lado tells me the same story about their first volunteer that stayed with them teaching him incorrectly, “good”, “gooder”, and “goodest”.  And my host dad asks me weekly if I like soccer.


I thought the following scenario was a cultural thing, but now I think it’s just this family. Nino doesn’t like to eat…. period. And when she does, she is always force fed by her grandmother. (Which in my opinion, I think she stuffs her mouth with too much food at one time. But she says its because she doesn’t know how long Nino will want to continue to eat, so she wants to make the best of her effort.)


But the other day, a neighborhood friend of Nino’s ate lunch with us. We had homemade French fries. They were more like potato wedges. The friend, Tako, is a year younger than Nino—4. Tako sat at the end of the table all by herself and cut her own potato wedges and fed herself. I was amazed. I just looked from her to Nino, to her back to Nino as the grandma shoved food into Nino’s mouth.


I noticed that the boys have a habit of taking a ‘clean’ cup from the dish rack, drinking some water from it, then putting the cup back in the dish rack.   …Noted.


 I am the worst at learning this language. It is wicked hard. And it discourages me to realize how little I know. I can usually make out what a person is trying to say to me. But sometimes, I am totally lost and frustrated. And forget about my responding with a coherent sentence.  I planned on getting a tutor when I got back from my trip to Turkey, but that didn’t work out. Now it’s been pushed back until after Easter.

My friend, Marta has been taking Russian lessons for two months and whenever we are together, she can speak it well enough already to have conversations with merchants and people we meet. Which makes me want to take Russian if she can learn it that fast. But 1. Maybe she is super good at learning languages. Russian and Polish are somewhat similar, right? And 2. Learning Georgian will help me in this country in the long run more so than Russian. (Although I could potentially use Russian in more scenarios outside of Georgia.  Georgian is only spoken in Georgia.)


I found out that my host brothers occasionally turn off the wifi (router is in their room), in order to have better connection via ethernet in their room to play online games.  Which obviously leaves me with zero internet. But the shady part about it is, when I go over and knock on the door, I hear them scurrying to turn the wifi on, then go back to sit at the desk before telling me to come in.

How do I know they purposefully turn it off? Lado went in to yell at Nika about not being connected using my wifi from downstairs. And as he went into the room, I followed. And sure enough, it was simply off.  Sneaky little….



“If you can’t say something nice… don’t say nothing at all.”– Thumper, Bambi


Holla atcha boy!

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