What Did He Mean?

This weekend I got into Game of Thrones again. Love that show! I had planned on sitting in my room all day Sunday with a Coke, chips and some Twix and just veg out.

But Marta wanted to go hiking. I must admit, it was a beautiful day, indeed. Ugh. But maybe I could sidestep it if there were others going….    Everybody else was either out of town or busy. Ugh. Well if I was going to be outside, I was going where I wanted to be… by the Sea. Batumi, it is!

Marta is an avid hitchhiker. Not my goto mode of traveling, but I’m adventurous and plus, it saves a few bucks.

We compromised and decided to travel to Poti because it was still by the Sea and neither of us had spent any significant time there before. But the hitchhiking gods were not on our side. 30 minutes later, we were still sitting by the side of the road in Oz.

Batumi it is!

On the OTHER road, we were picked up by a Georgian who spoke decent Georgian. He was a lawyer by education living in Oz, but because there are no jobs in that field, he is now in the import/ export business. He was traveling to Batumi for the Holiday.  Speaking of…

Sunday was Palm Sunday. They have a tradition in the Georgian Orthodox faith of assembling at the church with branches from a bush, the boxwood, to symbolize one of the events leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion.  As you read this, you probably realize that their Easter celebration does not line up with the Catholic celebration of Easter.  But besides the different dates, there are traditions that I think are also different.

I was in one of my kindergarten classes, and I noticed a plate of seeds. I thought it was a science experiment. But instead it was a plate of grass being grown and prepared for a tradition of placing red eggs. My host father tried to explain the symbolism involved. According to him, the eggs represent Peter’s triple denial of Christ.


Our driver was headed to Batumi to celebrate with his friends and family.

He dropped us off at the boardwalk. But before he left, he offered us a ride back if we were finished around the same time.  Awesome!



Marta and I quickly loaded up on beer, soda and snacks. Got down to the Sea and commenced relaxing.  The Sea was beautiful and calm that day. More like a big lake. We saw scores of dolphins frolicking around seemingly close enough to play with.

Good times.

Although Spring… still cold

Although Spring… still cold

But alas, it was time to go. We packed up and called our guy. I texted him, “Hello. Wondering how much longer you think before you are ready to head back to Ozurgeti?”

We walked in the direction of where it would be most convenient to meet him or get another ride. Along the way, he responded, “FUCK YOU :))))))))))))))))))”

I’m not making that up.

I was stunned and confused. I didn’t know whether to laugh… or to be mad. I showed Marta, who busted out laughing (she had an odd sense of humor). But what did he mean…?

I couple of guys picked us up to take us as far as Khobuleti.  They didn’t speak any English nor did they try to.

In Khobuleti, we were picked up by a father/ son traveling to Oz. They spoke Russian, so Marta was able to communicate with them. They were thinking of moving to Russia, because he was frustrated there were no jobs in Georgia.

Great day!


“Papa was a rolling stone,
Where ever he laid his hat was his home
and when he died, all he left us was alone”

Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone, The Temptations


Holla atcha boy!

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