Support The Kids

Marta got two free tickets to a concert at the Theatre. Lado and a friend of his said the concert was a recital of all the dance and music studios in Oz.  Let’s go! I’m all about supporting the kiddies.

The program was excellent and special due to the fact that the audience was overwhelmingly made of their friends. Three tiers full of kids, some even standing, waiting to cheer on their friends.

The dances were all traditional, of course.  Not as polished as the professionals, which was expected. But it was cute to see the little munchkins do their thang!

Still 10

The dances were broken up by musical performers and solo singers. Some were definitely not kids…. maybe they were still beginners.

Still 9

One of my English Club members, Izi, sang a solo.




And here are two videos I captured and spliced. The first is a compilation of singers. The second is a compilation of the dances.


Me and all my friends
Our parents were right
And we’re growing up faster than
We ever thought we might

Well, I say me and all my friends
We can shake until the bitter end
And we’re back out on the dance floor

Me And All My Friends, Man on the Moon


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