TLG End Of Year Conference Pt. I

We were all summoned to Tbilisi for an end of year ceremony. I kind of felt like we were CIA agents being called in from the cold. I was excited to see who all was left in this country.

The organization provided transportation for all of us. The people in my area met at the Resource Center in Oz, so it was easy for me. And because it was a private marshrutka, we made great time to Tbilisi.

Bazaleti Lake Hotel

Bazaleti Lake Hotel

We stayed at a hotel,  Bazaleti Lake Hotel, on the outskirts of the city. It was rumored they chose the place so we wouldn’t (couldn’t) go into the city after hours and party, but who knows. The Hotel was impressive. It was situated on a private lake. We stayed four to a suite. Spacious rooms and nice bathrooms- I liked it a lot. And the food was pretty good, too.


When the program started, I was finally able to see us all together in one place. There are 154 of us left in the country… for now. They  start in taking recruits again in August. I honestly thought there were more of us. All of the Regional Representatives and key staff of TLG were there, too.  I don’t know why it was important for me, but I needed to have that image in my head.  Maybe because I didn’t have an accurate scope of the program’s size.


We listened to speeches of some of the volunteer’s experiences, speeches of contest winners and their counterparts. The day’s program was ended with a trivia game.

It was really good to see old friends and make new ones. There are several social media groups that we communicate with each other through. It’s a great way to find out information and bounce ideas off each other. I communicate with these people all the time although I’ve never met the majority of them. I see their profile picture, but that’s all. So meeting them in real life was a little surreal. For example, two pseudo celebrities to me due to the Facebook pages are April C., administrator of one of the pages and Neil Z., who writes one of the blogs that I started reading even before coming to Georgia. It was good to have a conversation with them. It was good to meet new folks and find out their backgrounds and motivation for coming to Georgia.

One of the speakers for the first day was Robert… from North Carolina! I loved that.

After the first day’s meeting was over, we started the after hours festivities. There was no alcohol sold to us on the premise (which is another reason to host us here at the hotel), so we had to improvise.

Needless to say, the party got started and good times was had by all.


After the show it’s the after party, then,
After the party it’s the hotel lobby, then
After the Belve then it’s probably Cris,
And after the original it’s probably this

Fiesta, R.Kelly ft. Jay-Z


Holla atcha boy!

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