When I was little, I used to hate tomatoes. I would NOT eat them.  I don’t know when I started eating them.

As an adult and frequent patron of fast food burger places, I remember commenting on the weak look of the tomatoes on sandwiches. They looked… weird. Most times, especially Wendy’s or Subway, they are of a light yellow color bordering on white. White tomatoes? When did that become okay to eat? I learned way back in kindergarten that tomatoes were red. When did the older me abandon the truths of my youth? Why did I discard the irrefutable wisdom of the big picture books for the glossy pictures on the menu behind the counter?

I don’t doubt that Georgia grows lettuce; they just don’t serve it on anything- like salad. But I’m not mad. If we are honest with ourselves, lettuce is a useless, tasteless garnish. But silly me, last summer, I was a little ‘holier than-thou’ because Georgians didn’t serve salads with the leafy stuff.

Since this spring season started bearing fruit, salad has been served with all of our lunches at home. Simple sliced cucumber, tomato and onion sprinkled with salt. No oil. No vinegar. No dressing. So, so good.

I was staring at one of the cut tomatoes on my fork that was just picked from the garden not ten yards from where I sat, thinking…  “This tomato is too red.  This can’t be real.”





Holla atcha boy!

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