Everything Works Out In The End

I told my co-teachers that my current host family was not hosting me for next year, so I would probably be transferred to Kobuleti. They did not approve of that scenario, so took it upon themselves to find another host family in Ozurgeti.

The next day, we were talking to a teacher that would host me. She agreed to all of the terms and things I needed, but still had to talk to her husband.

The next day, I learned that another teacher was also interested. Which was fortunate, because the first prospect fell through. Elena, my co teacher, was more excited about this opportunity anyway. This teacher , Natia, is a lock. She is even willing to host me for the summer if needed!


I thought the summer camp was a lost cause. I had emailed the lady multiple times with no response. I even called her, but the connection would not go through (which never happens). I was getting to harassment level with my communications and decided to just let it go.

But she finally emailed me and gave me details for working with them. I will be working as a counselor at a summer camp at Shekvetili Beach on the Black Sea. The camp is sponsored by the British Connection. (I mentioned  Shekvetili Beach to a native this weekend, and she was extremely impressed.) Google it.

Stress and anxiety are back to normal levels. I had almost forgot that this is Georgia. Everything works out in the end.


“Everything will be all right in the end… if it’s not all right then it’s not yet the end.” – Sonny, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel


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