Growing up, I was a brutalizer of my brother. The middle one; I was the oldest of three.  He is five years younger than I am, so it was easy to do whatever I wanted to him. Looking back on it now, simply because of boredom, I did horribly mean things to him. But don’t misinterpret my meanness to him as people without younger siblings or no siblings often do, as hatred. It’s not that I didn’t like my brother. On the contrary, if someone else looked at him with malice or acted with hostility, I took personal offense.

Once I was picking on him in the kitchen. Things escalated to a point where he had no other recourse but to throw a knife at me to get out of the situation. In an attempt to deflect the knife, it. hit me in the hand drawing blood.


Two brothers came for the last two weeks of camp. They usually entertain each other. They play rough between themselves, but never too hard to injure the other. These two were a pleasant surprise from the campers from the first two weeks. They first campers were diabolical with each other and would slit each others’ throats if left alone. (One night the older boys said whoever in the room went to sleep first, that person would get toothpasted.)

Irakli and Georgi aren’t the smarted tools in the shed, and actually both are slightly mischievous on purpose. The kind of boys who does annoying slightly destructive things knowing they will get caught. But for the most part they are amusing to watch.

Irakli and Georgi

Irakli and Georgi

This morning I was told that someone was fighting in the boys’ room. When I entered, I saw Nika sitting on top of one of the brothers, Georgi. I instantly got mad at Nika and ordered him downstairs simultaneously thinking of a harsh punishment in my head. He objected and asked me to listen to him, which I did. He explained that he wasn’t fighting, he was preventing the brothers from fighting. He explained that they were fighting because while Irakli was sleeping on his bed, Georgi came in and wanted to charge his phone. The outlet was on the wall above Irakli’s bed. (Irakli had run in down by playing games on it all night.) Irakli said no, he could not charge his phone and to stay off his bed. Georgi, the older brother, wasn’t having that and the fight ensued.

I ordered Georgi downstairs, not for punishment but to separate the two. They both were so mad and upset that neither of them wanted to go to the beach. So Georgi sat downstairs and Iraqli upstairs (or vise versa with my supervision for them to switch rooms/ venues) for the next hour or so.

After a while Irakli wanted to go upstairs, too. I went up to ask Georgi if it was okay for Irakli to be around his and he said yes. But the housekeeper was annoyingly prompting Irakli to apologize to Georgi, which he refused and fled back downstairs.

Twenty minutes later as Irakli was wandering around aimlessly bored on the patio, Georgi came up behind him. He got his attention and quickly shook Irakli’s hand, kissed him on the check, mumbled something and gave him a hug. Irakli was in a position during the hug were he was looking in my direction, so I quickly adverted my eyes.

They then both went upstairs together.

The sweetest thing I have seen all week.


Sitting there looking at the blood drip from my hand, I realized that I could have potentially been fatally wounded and it would have been my fault. I realized that I was horrible for harassing my brother like this. I vowed never to hurt or menace him again.


So the airs getting colder and the news keeps us scared.
I still wrestle this summer in the bones of our tired and blistered hands,
Cause tonight we got drinks and just a couple of friends.
And the girl my brother likes is finally talking to him,
And his chest is all swelled like he’s proud and happy.
Like hes got a great idea, like he’s making a memory.

Wake up and come out to the car.
There’s a east swell coming and it’s howling off shore,
And we’ll be lying like lions out in the sands.
But I’ll be dead before you put a gun in my brothers hand.

Brothers, Brand New


One response to “Brothers

  1. I too treated my younger brother badly but was very protective of him with respect to other folks.

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